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The Creole Cigar Company was founded in Lansing Michigan in 1899. Located in what now is called Old Towne, Creole Cigar Company was highly prosperous for nearly a decade before closing their doors in 1909.

There were over 30 cigar makers in Lansing at the turn of the century. Today there is only one, the Creole Cigar Factory, located in downtown Lansing at 406 South Washington Square . Creole Cigar Factory has been crafting premium hand rolled cigars at our new location since 1999. The concept is quite simple, supply the finest quality cigars at an affordable price.

Creole Cigar Factory provides the ultimate experience for the seasoned cigar smoker, with a comfortable smoking lounge available for our friends and patrons. The lounge comes complete with a large screen high definition television, poker table and sofa.

For our technical customers, Creole Cigar Factory offers a wireless WiFi connection. Feel free to check your email, browse the internet or catch up on a little work.

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406 South Washington Square
Lansing , MI 48933
1-866-66CIGAR (4427)
Ph: 517-267-1474
Fax: 517-267-1476