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About Cigars



The cigar leaf that is the outer covering of the cigar. A good wrapper is smooth, thick,
and oily to the touch. The best wrappers come from Connecticut , Cameroon , Cuba
and the Dominican Republic.  As much as 75% of the flavor of a cigar comes from the wrapper.
From the African nation of Cameroon , rich and spicy!
Mildest of the wraps, usually the lightest in color.
Wrappers are fermented, robust and slightly sweet.
Indonesian wrap, traditionally the crowd pleaser. 
Our special wrap using two distinct wrappers, Maduro and Connecticut



Cigar size is very important when selecting your smoke. A smaller ring size produces
a much hotter smoke, while a larger ring size dictates a cooler longer lasting cigar. Cigars
are measured by ring size and length in inches. Ring size is the circumference of the cigar
and can very from 38 to 60.
(56 x 8)
The name says it all! 8 full inches and a ring size of 56!
(54 x 6)
Tapered and closed headed cigar, a wider open foot
(50 x 6)
Longer than a robusto, yet shorter than the Churchill
(50 x 5)
A short Churchill format with a larger ring size.
(47 x 7)
A large Corona format with a rich full bodied flavor
(42 x 6)
Traditional dimensions of 42 ring size and 6" in length.
(42 x 5)
The short version of our Corona at 5" in length
(42 x 4)
Tapered and closed headed cigar, tapered open foot.
(36 x 4)
Mini version of our Corona classic.


A strong, flexible tobacco leaf found between the wrapper and the filler which holds the form of the cigar true to its shape.  If your cigar burns unevenly, the binder is the problem.
Sumatra binders are neutral, thus allowing the true flavor of the cigar from the filler and wrapper.



Cigar fillers are primarily from the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico.  The best leaf comes from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba and has a smooth, spicy sweet flavor.
Filler tends to be sweet and lighter in body.
Filler is generally medium bodied with sweet undertones
Filler tends to provide a rich smoke with coffee tones.
Filler tends to be rich with spicy and earthy tones
Filler is strong, sweet and spicy.  Often blended with Jamaican and Dominican Tobaccos.


Specialty Cigars

The Essence of the Libation is Captured!
All Natural Oils and Flavorings from a Local Company.
Full Body Vintage Oulencia Line.

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